River of Life Int. Bible College

River of Life Int. Bible College


The PatriarchsPart 1 Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.

.We encourage you to prayerfully consider this course of study that will commence Tuesday September 24th,at 7:00 pm in the main sanctuary at River of Life International Fellowship. Registration $100 per person.

Blessings to you…Associate Pastor Bob Radford

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River of Life Bible School program of study is “modular based”. That is, it is built on “Terms of Study” that are 10 sessions in length, and focus on specific Biblical themes and topics, i.e. “Old TestamentPatriarchs Part1 Sessions are scheduled once per week, for approximately two hours from start to finish. Two teachings are delivered in each weekly session. The length of teachings may vary slightly, but average approximately 45 minutes to complete delivery. There will be time allotted for some discussion following the completion of each teaching. There will be a 5 minute break between the 2 teachings.


River of Life Bible School has established a 70% attendance requirement at weekly sessions for students to successfully complete a module of study. Therefore, if there are 10 scheduled sessions per module of study, students must be in attendance at a minimum of 7 sessions to have completed the module of study.


There are weekly “journaling assignments” and an “end of term paper” that are to be completed.

Weekly Assignments

The written assignments are given to help you reinforce the truths you have learned from the teachings sessions. From each weekly session, (which is comprised of two teachings per session) students will complete a journal exercise. This should be written in the week following the session and handed in at the next teaching session, or e-mailed prior to the next session. Journaling is an effective way to deepen your understanding of what you have received through the teachings. Also, through the practise of journaling, you will receive further revelation from the Holy Spirit. Journaling starts through meditation on the material you have heard, and the notes you made from the teaching sessions. As you prayerfully review your notes ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the fullness of the word for you on what was taught. Journaling is not simply a short summary of what the teacher spoke. Rather it is a reflection of how you were impacted and changed in your heart and mind through the word that was taught. Journaling is an excellent tool for Christian growth and developing the spiritual gifts in you. Your weekly journal should be between 100 (minimum), to 120 (maximum) words in length.

End of Term Assignment. 


River of Life Bible School will recognize students with “First Year Bible School Certificate of Completion,” following completion of 3 modules of study within a one-year period. This represents recognition of study, and does not represent any academic value for application at other locations of study beyond River of Life Bible School.

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