ROLIF Bible School – Tuedays – Oct 16th to Dec. 18th, 2018

River of Life International Fellowship Bible School 

Prayer is the most important practice and discipline of our faith. Someone has said that Christianity is markedly different from other religions by the way Christians forgive; how they give; and how they pray. In the words of Jesus, the House of God is a House of Prayer for all nations. This statement makes prayer a priority in our faith walk with Christ.

Prayer is of the essence in building our relationship with God. He speaks His thoughts to us through the activated word of God, and believers speak to the Father in thanksgiving, praise, worship and petitions. The Apostle Paul has hinted to the limitless expression of prayer: Ephesians 6: 18 “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…”.  And therefore we understand that we are engaged in lifelong learning and practice when it comes to prayer.

Bless you, as you give prayerful consideration concerning this opportunity. Thank-you

Pastor Bob Radford, Associate Pastor, River of Life International Fellowship

Teach Us to Pray – Table of Contents

  • 1. What is Prayer?
    • A. What is Prayer.
    • B. Jesus Teaches on Prayer
  • 2. Different Kinds of Prayer 1
    • A. The Journey of Prayer
    • B. The Prayer of Persistence
    • C. The Prayer of Agreement
    • D. The Prayer of Dedication
  • 3. Different Kinds of Prayer 2
    • A. The Prayer of Faith
    • B. The Prayer of Binding & Loosing
    • C. The Prayer of Intercession
  • 4. The Need for Intercessors
    • A. Leaders must Pray
    • B. How Jesus Prayed for the Saints
    • C. How Paul Prayed for the Saints
    • D. Praying for your City
    • E. Nehemiah’s Prayer
    • F. Hezekiah’s Prayer
  • 5. The Power of Prayer
    • A. The Power of Corporate Prayer
    • B. The Incense of Prayer
    • C. The Power of Personal Prayer – The Quiet Time
    • D. Speaking in Tongues

Bible School Teachers: Senior Pastor Fulé Badoe , Associate Pastor Robert Radford and Adwoa Badoe.


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