ROLIF Bible School

River of Life International Fellowship Bible School – Module 4 – starts Tuesday October 17th,  and runs until Tuesday December 12th, 2017. Term #4 Topic: The Holy Spirit (Part 2)

The River of Life Bible School is a modular based program of study. That is, it is built on “Terms of Study” that are 10 sessions in length, and focus on specific Biblical themes and topics.  Sessions are scheduled once per week, for approximately two hours from start to finish. Two teachings are delivered in each weekly session. The length of teachings may vary slightly, but average approximately 45 minutes to complete delivery. There will be a time allotted for some discussion following the completion of each teaching. There will be a five minute break between the 2 teachings.

The Holy Spirit, Part Two. Table of Contents: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  1. You Will Receive Power A. You Need Power from on High, B. The Holy Spirit our Helper C. How to Receive Help from the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Gifts Part 1 A. Spiritual Gifts in General, B. Your Gift is Mine Part 1, C. Your Gift is Mine Part 2
  3. The Gifts Part 2 A. The Gift of Service and Helps, B. The Gift of Exhortation and Encouragement C. The Gift of Giving D. The Gift of Mercy and Compassion. E. The Gift of Hospitality.
  4. The Power Gifts A. The Gift of Faith, B. The Gift of Miracles C. The Gifts of Healing.
  5. Inspiration & Revelation Gifts A. Different Tongues & Speaking in Tongues B. The Gift of Prophecy C. The Word of Knowledge D. The Word of Wisdom E. Discerning of Spirits
  6. The Ministry Gifts Part 1 A. The Gift of Leadership & Administration B. The Ministry Gifts C. The Apostle D. The Prophet E. The Evangelist.
  7. The Ministry Gifts Part 2 A. The Pastor B. The Teacher
  8. The Laying on of Hands

Bible School Teachers: Senior Pastor Fule Badoe and Associate Pastor Robert Radford


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