1. Thank you Pastor Fule. This is a timely reminder I have decisions to make. The Lord will take care of me as I move on in my life and leave the past behind. Bless you

  2. I love these devotionals. They are easy to listen to and very professional. Great words of life. Thank you! Marlene V

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement. It seems we can invoke unnecessary hardships just being passive. Indeed, when a ships rudder is redundant, the ship is at the mercy of the sea and wind currents. As God’s workmanship, we need to actively participate in the course God is charting for us. As a side note, could Job have avoided the trial he went through if he hadn’t spoken those words?

  4. Thanks for the words. It spoke to me this morning as I go through a few challenges. I will not fear but remember the words of our Father, that He is with us no matter what. Thanks for reminding us that Fear is not of God.

  5. Very encouraging words. For the sake of those of us in office environments, would be great if there’s audio version and/or scripts for the weekly word.

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