ROLIF Bible School – Module #10 “The {Patriarch’s of the Old Testament Part 2. Isaac, Jacob, jOSEPH.

Classes will not be held in the church due to the COVID 19 virus outbreak. More information will follow. Pray for one another. Do not worry. Psalm 91.

River of Life International Fellowship Bible School  Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Issac A. Son of Promise, B. Isaac’s Obedience. C. Sons of Issac and Rebekah.
  2. Jacob A. Election, B. Separation, C. Jacob’s Family, D. Jacob’s Kairos Time
  3. Joseph A. A Man of Destiny, B. The Power of a Dream, Joseph in Potiphar’s House, E. Joseph in Prison, E. Joseph in the Palace.

Starting January 28th, the River of Life Bible school will be offering a module teaching of the Old Testament Patriarchs.Enoch, Noah, Abraham,Isaac, Jacob. This series on  the Patriarchs Part 1 serves to teach us about the legacy of those that lived by faith, and through many challenges gave testimony that through the power of God they overcame. They trusted in God, and believed in His promises. You can learn much through their life stories. We at River of Life Bible school encourage you to consider registering for these teachings. They will bring strength to your own walk of faith. Thank you.


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